Nov 30

Website Backup by Your Hosting Company

Website backup is an important service that every genuine hosting company provides. Inspite of all security measures, no one can take absolute guarantee that your website is always safe. What if the server crashes and the data are not recoverable? In this situation, what if your host does not have a backup and you end up losing your updated website.

To deal with such incidents, your host should be responsible for regular, timely and latest backups, even if you have to pay a few extra bucks.

Some hosting automation software provides automatic backup features that you can schedule. The frequency of backup depends on your business, the size and design of website, and whether the host provides backup every time you want. For example, a social networking site or an online shopping cart may need daily backup whereas a personal site does not.

Besides periodic backups that you have scheduled either manually or automated, you should always take back up whenever you update the site. It ensures that the latest copy is always available to you. You can ensure it by including backup in your checklist that you refer while updating your website.

Schedule your backups intelligently and document the schedule for reference. If possible, refer the reason for every backup and this document also help you if you change the host midway, for any reason.

Even if your host takes back up of your site, it is advisable to note down the location on server where the backup is always available.