Nov 28

Web Hosting for Multiple Websites

If your business needs you to have multiple websites, say more than five, it becomes a difficult decision to get all these hosted. There are many businesses in the world that are managed only on websites, without too many people working for them. In such cases, it gets more important to ensure that the websites are always running.

It needs a good business strategy to manage multiple websites. Get your sites hosted at multiple hosting companies. Do not host all of your sites at different servers as managing every site individually can be complex and time consuming. Also, do not host all of your sites at a single host either. It can be risky as server down or network issue at that host means that all your sites go offline.

You need to plan smartly. Shortlist the websites that are most important to you and get these hosted at separate hosts. Now you can host the other sites on the same hosts where primary sites are hosted.

Another option is to get a re seller space and use it for less priority websites. You can use this space for backups of all websites as well. If one of your primary sites goes offline for some reason, you can immediately use its backup on another server to make it online.

Hosting websites with different hosts proves to be cost effective also as you can exercise different hosting plans based on the critical of website. For example, you can host the most critical site on a cheap dedicated servers , and the blog on a shared server.

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