Nov 28

Web Hosting Directories


Web hosting directories are like any other business directories where web hosting companies list their companies, their pricing, features, services, contact details and a link to their own websites. These are single and centralized important source of information where customers can find a host to meet their specific requirements.

Many web hosting directories contain ranking of different web hosts. Whether you take these ranking seriously depends on what kind of directory you refer. These directories are of two types – free and paid.

Good web hosting companies are generally subscribed to paid directories where they pay a certain fixed amount for placing their banner or other form of advertisement in the directory. Alternatively, they pay a commission every time a customer is referred to them by that directory.

Apart from paid directories, there are free listings where hosting companies list themselves free of cost. Experts say that paid directories can be manipulated as host can pay more to be listed above in the list.

Whether you refer a paid directory or a free directory, at least you get a good database of hosting companies with user reviews and ratings. A negative review may not necessarily mean that the web host services are not good. That is only a personal experience of a single customer. Similarly, a very good host may not have 100% positive reviews.

You can make your own judgment to shortlist a few companies and discuss your business requirements before making a final decision.

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