Nov 30

Internet Security and Shared Hosting

Web sites exist in a world where the threat of attack is constant. Setting up web servers requires a great deal of technical knowledge, much of it having to do with updating and patching software, controlling access to services and setting permissions for directories. Such tasks are beyond the capabilities of most users. Shared hosting offers a means of getting online while being assured these concerns are met.

Shared hosting, a hosting arrangement where more than one site shares disc space on a server machine, allows site owners to avoid having to set up the server’s basic software and processes themselves. Obviously, this goes a long way towards relieving significant concerns about Internet security.

The servers on which shared hosting sites are stored are set up and maintained by the hosting company’s own personnel. While this does limit the customization options, it makes it much easier to get up and running fast, especially for businesses who haven’t their own IT staff.

On a dedicated server, the leaser is generally responsible for setting up their own security. If the leaser happens to have anything less than a professional level of understanding where server security is concerned, there are likely to be elements which are overlooked. When a company is looking for simple, fast and flexible hosting, shared hosting is a much more cost-effective and secure option than setting up one’s own server from scratch.

Almost all web hosting companies offer shared hosting packages.