Nov 30

cPanel Hosting Advantages

There are many hosting automation software available in the market, for example cPanel, Sphera, Vdeck, H-Sphere and others. However, cPanel has been one of the most widely used software all across the world.

Website maintenance includes some common tasks such as setting up databases, email accounts, or monitoring web traffic and other reports. cPanel offers you a user-friendly interface that enables you to perform these tasks without needing any specific technical knowledge or training.

Besides, cPanel has Fantastico that provides you a distinct advantage as you can install programs and scripts with just a few clicks. The programs may be WordPress (for blogging) or phpBB (for hosting an online forum). For Linux based hosting, cPanel is not an expensive choice considering its usability and diverse set of features. Most of common tasks are available at few clicks of a button rather than following long list of commands.

A few more reasons for using cPanel are:

Easy to update login information such as password and other personal information

Track bandwidth and disk space usage, set alerts and notifications emails for timely reminders

Manage email accounts – add, edit, delete with advanced options such as forwarding emails to a single account

Site backup, directly from the server

Customizable spam filters

Advanced options such as adding a shopping cart, if your disk space allows you to.

cPanel has proved to be a secure, reliable, flexible and an easy to use automation software.