Nov 28

Choosing the right web host: its really all about reputation

When considering a web host, people hold price to be the number one determining factor. However price is not the most important thing, not by a long shot. When selecting a web host you want to think about reliability. You want to base your decision on dependability. The only way you can find out if a web host is reliable and dependable is by looking at its reputation. Here are some ways to find out about a web host’s reputation.

Ask your friends

If you have friends who use web hosts, ask them about the dependability of the host. Think about technical support. Try to get a feel for how user-friendly the web host is.

Read the company’s website and see how quickly it uploads

See what the website says about its service. Look for how long the company has been in business, and pay special attention to how fast the site uploads. If the site takes a long time to upload, that will tell you that the web host has slow uptime. If you choose this web host, your website will also take a long time to load.

Search online to find reviews

Go to a search engine and type in the name of the web host to see if there are any testimonials connected with the company. See if people applaud the web hosting service. See if some people think the service is a scam. Sometimes people will always have something negative to say about a company, so use your judgment carefully.

Many times word-of-mouth is the best advertising. If the site has been around a long time and a lot of people say good things about it, you should feel comfortable paying for the service.

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