Nov 30

Cheap Web Hosting can be an Expensive Option

The unprecedented mushrooming of web hosting business has added to the competition and forcing many hosting service providers to slash their prices. Many such companies provide hosting at such a low price that you believe them and register yourself, without giving it a second thought. Sometimes, a hasty decision can prove to be an expensive one for saving a few bucks. Even though the claims made by a cheap hosting service provider can be genuine, you should take care of a few following points:

Many cheap hosting service providers do not use excellent quality hardware and software for servers and network. These support you well as a beginner but as your business grows and traffic on your site increases, more reliable and good quality resources are very important. For example, a server down message midway through a potential business deal can drastically affect your business.

Explore the website or brochures of your host to verify customer testimonials, user feedback and see if it can really fulfill the promises of disk space, connection speed and a tempting bandwidth. It can be an expensive choice if you start losing your business because of improper service, frequent server down issues, and low download speed, to save a few bucks.

You can also ask for a demo of any existing site hosted with the same company. Compare how this site can map with the requirements of your site.

Try to get your domain registered somewhere else even if a cheap hosting provider offers free registration. That would mean that your all business is not controlled by a single company.

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